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No lift served snowsports this weekend - but snow showers have returned!

This Report for the Scottish Highlands was issued at
19.24hrs Saturday 13th April 2024.
Unfortunately it has been a full on hair dryer through the second half of this week after a very wet, mild and windy day on Wednesday. CairnGorm is now closed for the season and it looks like the 2024 season is probably done, but the forecast models continue to tease. A recurring theme of this season!

If you have been out on the slopes please send us photos to snow24 at winterhighland dot info.

It is now just over a week since uplift last operated for snowsports, at Glencoe on Friday 5th April. Despite temperatures lowering progressively since Saturday morning and the freezing level now back down below Munro Level, there none the less has been a further significant loss of snow in the past 48hours.

So if as looks likely, that is the season done and dusted, it will remarkably have ended on a day with 20cm of new snow on the mountain and Summit to Moor laps of 2400ft vertical being notched up at Glencoe!

That just about sums up what an odd and frustrating season this has been. It feels as if the forecast models have been teasing us all season long to the extent that it feels as if we just narrowly missed out on a spectacular season. The sheer amount of snowfall this season in Scandinavia adds further to that feeling.

As things stand on Saturday evening, the only official sliding across the Scottish snowsports areas will be sledging at the Plateau Cafe Sledge Park at Glencoe, which is full width and around half length, wind permitting. At this stage Sunday looks a bit more promising wind wise than Saturday did when the Access Chair closed mid morning, but persistent mountain snow is expected to set in with much stronger winds arriving at some point during the afternoon and continuing to ramp up through Sunday evening.

As far as snowsports go, the Rannoch Button is now largely devoid of snow and the Main Basin T-bar track is broken in several places, so a return of the gearbox doesn?t look like helping. That said the Spring Run and Main Basin are still both skiable for those prepared to do the leg work and there could be significant new windblown snowfall during Sunday, so go carefully as there are areas where the remaining base has been undercut.

In the East CairnGorm officially pulled the plug on the season on Friday afternoon. With the Funicular out of service Sunday 14th April was planned to be the end of the snowsports season anyway and the M1 uptrack is now badly broken with sizeable bare sections. The Ciste Fairway and uptrack have taken an absolute hammering in the Top Basin and are both broken.

As we move further through April it becomes the case that substantive new snowfalls that can reopen uplift are increasingly likely to be limited to the Northern Cairngorms. The Lecht can and has come back from nothing in May! So while that is probably that for season 2024, never say never!

:: Club Fields
All clubfields are waiting for new snowfall.

Please check club access rules / availability if not a club member / pass holder.

Weardale: https: //skiweardale.com/ .
http://ski-allenheads.co.uk/ .
Yad Moss: https: //yadmoss.co.uk/ .
Raise: https: //www.ldscsnowski.co.uk/ .

Lowther Hills Ski Club will not operate the Lowther Hill Tow this season, however the summit webcam is in operation and will allow prospective tourers to view snow conditions on the fenced runs near the summit and the wider hillside with views down to Wanlockhead in clear weather.
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:: Mountain Weather
At 6pm in the West at the base of Glencoe at 366m the temperature was +3.8°c (compared to +12°c on Friday evening), while near the summit at 1097m it was -1.6°c with a WSW wind at 31 gusting 63 mph. The Met Office Summit Run AWS on Aonach Mor (1130m) reported -1.9°c with a WSW wind at 36 gusting 56 mph.

In the East the CairnGorm Met Office Summit AWS (408ft/1245m) was -3.1°c (vs +5.7°c on Friday) with a Westerly wind at 60 gusting 81mph. The Cairnwell AWS reported -0.4°c at 3061ft, with a Westerly wind at a mean of 33 gusting 61 mph.

Get an early weather check with our webcams from around 5.30am.

:: Mountain Forecast Discussion
In stark contrast to the very mild end to the week, progressively colder air moved in during Saturday and by evening snow was beginning to lie even on the bare ground on the Munros.

Strong overnight winds are likely to peak in the region of 60 gusting 90mph on the higher Munros, some moderation towards and post dawn is expected.

By early Sunday the wind will have veered towards the West, but will then back towards SW as frontal precipitation pushes in, likely mid morning in the West. Early showers will pick up in frequency and merge together ahead of sustained frontal mountain snow. This potentially gives falls of between 10 to 20 cm on higher West Coast terrain through Sunday afternoon and overnight into Monday with considerable drifting. Winds will be around 30 gusting 50mph, gusts 60mph likely Northern Cairngorms and through the Nevis Range. However, speeds will pick up towards 50 gusting 80mph plus in the West Highlands late afternoon or Sunday evening, with sustained blizzard conditions at upper elevations.

Monday will see a chilly mid April day with a mix of sunny spells and snow showers on the mountains, these will be most frequent in the West Highlands with a strong to Gale Force Westerly. Between -1 and -3°c at Munro Level, tending to lift and drop with precipitation intensity. In the Southern Highlands widely 40 gusting 60mph, but speeds maybe less strong further North, with the strongest wind field from the Southern Highlands southwards.

Tuesday and Wednesday see winds veer North Westerly and this will shift the focus of the heavier and more frequent snow showers. Exact wind direction will determine where gets the most convective showers, it currently looks like an attempted ridge will quieten the showers down for Wednesday in the West, but this is not certain.

Munro Level daytime temperature between -2 and 0°c mid-week. Snow will fall lower than general air temperature might suggest in heavier convective showers and there will likely be some hail to lower levels and a risk of lightning from larger shower cells.

:: Webcams and Weather Stations
Lowther Hill: Leadhills webcam back online. Lowther Hill Summit webcam is online from about 9am to dusk, but may go offline earlier on dull days as it is off the grid.

GLENCOE: All webcams are online and the first updated images will be from around 5.30am. Summit AWS is back online with temperature and wind speed.

Glencoe // Fri 05 Apr 2024
A period of heavy snowfall overnight transformed Glencoe for those who made it up on Friday. Alas Storm Force winds forecast for the weekend.
Glencoe // Thu 04 Apr 2024
Friday freshies expected with heavy frontal snow setting in overnight.
Glencoe // Mon 01 Apr 2024
The Main Basin is skiing beautifully and the Rannoch Button uptrack is vastly easier than a week ago!
CairnGorm Mtn // Sun 31 Mar 2024
Northern Cairngorms from Strathspey.
Glencoe // Wed 27 Mar 2024
New snow fell most of Wednesday and the Plateau area runs are continuing to fill in, as shown by the Coire Pollach Tow.
Northern Cairngorms Outlook
Sunday 14th April
FL: 3000ft.  Wintry Showers
914m: 0°c WSW 40 gust 60mph
Monday 15th April
FL: 2000ft.  Snow Showers
914m: -3°c WNW 30 gust 60mph
  17.48hrs Sat 13th Apr
West Highlands Outlook
Sunday 14th April
FL: 2500ft.  Snow
914m: -1°c WSW 30 gust 50mph
Monday 15th April
FL: 2000ft.  Snow Showers
914m: -2°c West 40-60mph
  17.47hrs Sat 13th Apr
Southern Cairngorms Outlook
Sunday 14th April
FL: 3500ft.  Snow Showers
914m: 1°c WSW 30 gust 45mph
Monday 15th April
FL: 2000ft.  Snow Showers
914m: -2°c West 30-50mph
  17.48hrs Sat 13th Apr
Lowther Hill Outlook
Sunday 14th April
FL: >Tops.  Showers
725m: 4°c WSW 25 gust 40mph
Monday 15th April
FL: 3000ft.  Snow Showers
725m: 1°c WNW 40 gust 60mph
  17.49hrs Sat 13th Apr

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